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Great Bear Wilderness

Altar of Twilight
Big Salmon Lake
Broken Antler Fen
Cassiopeia's View
Chimera Fields
Deepwood Weald
Firefly Glen
Haunted Wood
Honeyed Pasture
Lake Rodney
Moonsong Glacier
Moonstone Quarry
Neverwinter Forest
Nocturne Summit
Ouroboros Spine
Redhawk Caldera
Silverlight Terrace
Silvertip Mountain
The Heartwood

Kintla Flatlands

Blacktail Deer Plateau
Fairspell Meadow
Firestone Hot Springs
Greatwater Lake
Hoshor Plains
Lion's Head Mesa
Meadowlark Prairie
Otter Creek
Panther Park
Phantom Hollow
Serpent Lake
Sheepeater Cliff
Shy Deer Steppes
Wild Berry Meadow
Whitefish River
Whitewater Gorge

Rising Sun Valley

Blackfoot Forest
Duck Lake
Fishblight Mire
Flycatcher Downs
Fox's Glade
Jade Fern Grove
Lost Creek Hollow
Morningside Cuesta
Mudminnow River
Noctisardor Bypass
Otatso Wetlands
Overture Downs
Shadowwyn Moor
Wapun Meadow
Witch's Marsh

Sequoia Coast

Ankyra Sound
Barrow Fields
Blackbeak Bluff
Blackwater Islands
Cerulean Cape
Coconut Grove
Gilded Bay
Gyrfalcon's Keep
Horizon Ridge
Iktome Plains
Ocean's Breath Plateau
Oystercatcher Tide Pools
Ravensblood Forest
Ravenshook Cliffs
Sea Lion Shores
Seaside Moors
Shimmering Sands
The Sentinels
Totoka River
Turtle Island

Snowforest Taiga

Bitterroot Valley
Felltree Marsh
Firefly Ravine
Frostfire Ridge
Herbalists' Cache
Kildeer Rest
Larksong Grotto
Nova Peak
Permafrost Hollows
Phoenix Maplewood
Qeya River
Redtail Rise
Silver Moraine
Sleeping Dragon
Sunset Valley
The Bracken Woods
The Tangle
Whitebark Stream

Sunspire Mountains

Arrow Lake
Emberflame Ridge
Hushed Willows
Little Goat Mountain
Lone Star Mountain
Mount Apikuni
Northstar Vale
Porcupine Ridge
Raven's Watch
Razorback Ridge
Redsand Canyon
Sawtooth Spire
Shadow Mountain
Sleepy Fox Hollow
Spotted Eagle Mountain
Sunbeam Lair
The Wall
Thunder Dome
Tormented Tarns

Tuktu Hinterlands

Alpine Lake
Barrier Mountains
Black Morass
Boartusk Heights
Bonesplinter Ravine
Cedar Sweep
Cricket Creek Bog
Falls of the Hinterlands
Frogspawn Swamp
Ghost Lion Crag
Golden Glade
Grouse Thicket
Hibernation Point
Hideaway Strath
King Elk Forest
Mount Everfall
Nimbus Summit
Silver Creek
Sun Mote Copse
The Floodlands
Tuktu Weir
Twisted Slough
Two Rivers Isle
Verdant Basin